Saturday, December 5, 2009

What? Unwanted Pregnancy ?

If you think you are pregnant and you do not want it then you need to do the following:
Consult a qualified doctor. Most male doctors will refer you to an obstetrician ( a doctor who deals in delivery and management of a pregnant woman) or a gynaecologist ( a doctor who deals in womens disease of the reproductive system). In most cases one doctor is qualified to deal in both Obstetrics and gynaecology. If you ar in the US , UK, Austaralia, or any European country, your GP or Family doctor will help you find the right service to deal with unwanted pregnancy.
In case of Pakistan as most cases are dealt in a clandenestine and secret way, you need to refer to a good doctor whom you trust or your family trusts. When that doctor refers you to any clinic, check their hygeine and sterilization levels. Always be prepared with prior knowledge to ask questions.
In Pakistan most deaths and diseases occur due to handling by untrained persons in unhygeinic conditions, so do not go to any shady outfit. Many doctors will do the service for a fee and through contacts.
Do not go for any pocedure after third month of pregnancy as it causes most complications .
Always take your partner into confidence and also some older more knowledgeable person.
It has been seen that prevention is better than cure, so always go to your family doctor on proper advice on contraception and avoid unwanted pregnancies.
In Pakistan, the Marie Stopes Society runs various clinics under Chota Gharana Scheme and reproductive health centers. The Greenstar network also offers contraception services through it's trained lady doctors who are available all over Pakistan.
Greenstar Hotline: 080011171 Pakistan.

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  1. I gather that religion and cultural tradition prohibits sex without impregnation, the pill, rubbers and such.
    If people continue having sex there and here, recreational or not and getting pregnant what would be left for others, the Flora/Fauna, the Earth in five, six decades?