Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Healing and Forgiveness!

Nowadays most people especially young ones are engrossed in violent behaviour and this affects their whole life and perspective. This violent behaviour makes them unproductive in school, college and working life. If one learns to love and forgive , this violent behaviour causing so much destruction and pain can be eliminated.
Human biengs are made to forgive and practice compassion. Forgiveness creates a sense of tolerance and cultivates proactive behaviour. It is not easy to forgive and forget if you are continuously trained since childhood to defend yourself against some kind of slight, if you are not taught between the real insults and self, or culturally ingrained prejudices. Nowadays we take our religious practices as a shield or excuse for ceating rifts and fights. The human soul needs constant nurturing with love and forgiveness. Without this nurturing it shrinks and whithers like a wilted plant. Prayers and the practice of charity or giving, nurtures the soul and spirituality.
The body's health and well bieng is also dependant upon the health of your soul. If you are unforgiving, angry, at most times, your blood pressure will remain high, and over a period of time you will become hypertensive. Hypertension causes, heart disease, eye disease, kidney failure , stroke, paralysis and many complications. Anger causes violent interactions, affects relationships, leading to depression and other mental disorders. family life and health is affected. School and college grades are affected by ill health and one's future is affected by this.
Practicing Love and Forgiveness at an early age and learning to nurture your soul and build spirituality helps you to face crises and any difficult situation in any part of life.
Learn to cultivate Tolerance and practice Love and Forgiveness, no matter which faith or religion you belong to and live a healthier life.

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