Friday, February 3, 2012

Fitness In Pregnancy.

Fitness in pregnancy depends on many things; The initial weight and fitness level at the time of pregnancy is one such important issue. In pregnancy a healthy weight gain is between 22- 24 lbs.
The breathing effort increases as the pregnancy proceeds. Therefore be careful with the program of fitness that you have undertaken. Asthmatics should consult a fitness physician for their guidance about medicines and the fitness program needs. The fitness coach should also co-ordinate the program with a physician.
Changing to healthy lifestyle habits such as giving up smoking, using healthier, more nutritious diet plan, daily routine exercises, relaxation such as yoga, painting, music and reading also help improve fitness levels. The  advantages are these lifestyle changes can continue post-pregnancy as the woman is trying to lose weight and is motivated. The healthy lifestyle changes will also help in child- rearing and fight post natal depression and stress which is very common in unfit individuals.

Depression is very common in pregnant women. It may be dormant pre-pregnancy and gets worst post natal if not diagnosed. A healthy lifestyle change and fitness program helps enormously to counter that. It is now being found out that daily fitness and exercise routine helps people overcome depression and stress. The level of drugs and expensive psychiatric treatments and support are reduced greatly.
A personal fitness coach, a caring  ante-natal carer, whether obstetrician, family physician, nurse can help enormously  a woman and indeed the family to prepare for a healthy pregnancy, its outcome and further nurturing of the newborn.Fitness in pregnancy is a holistic lifestyle change which must be encouraged in modern lifestyle to achieve better health outcomes.